Eye examination

Eye care and sight tests for private or NHS patients

At the eye clinic we pride ourselves on providing a complete and thorough eye exam for everyone, whether they are visiting us as a private or an NHS patient.

Our fully qualified, experienced optometrist conducts all of the eye exams as they are a vital health check for you.

What happens when you visit us for an eye examination?

  • You are asked about any immediate concerns, medical conditions and family history.
  • You are asked if you are currently having any problems or difficulty with your vision, or if you are suffering with headaches or eye strain.
  • We then check your eye externally and internally with an ophthalmoscope to make sure everything is healthy.
  • A prescription is then worked out if required to help you see at all the distances, and we assess your binocular vision to ensure the eyes comfortably work together as a pair. We also check to see if any other investigations are needed - such as, eye pressure checks or in depth field of vision screening.
  • Finally if a prescription is required you will see our dispensing assistant who can advise on frames and lens types to suit you, your occupation and your sporting visual needs.

Preparation for an eye test

When you attend your appointment for your eye test you should take with you previously prescribed glasses that you have worn and/or a previous copy of your prescription.

Make a list of the names of any tablets or medicine you are taking. This is very informative to understand your medical status and the likelihood of it affecting your eye health.

It is also important to ask your family members if they suffer from any eye disorders, such as glaucoma.