Frequently Asked Questions

Who pays for an eye examination?

In England, everyone has to pay for an eye test unless eligible for NHS entitlement.

The cost of a Private Eye Examination is £16.50

We would be pleased to provide you with an HC1 form so that you can apply to find out if you are eligible for help towards the cost of an eye examination and spectacle voucher.

How often should eyes be examined?

A full examination at least every 2 years is recommended. Certain groups of people require more frequent check ups, such as the over 60's due to the increased risk of eyedisease. For the 40+ age group, the condition of "presbyopia" means that changes inprescription may be required on a more frequent basis.

Do children need to have an eye examination?

Yes. They can be tested from birth. About the age of 2 years old it is recommended to take your child for a full eye examination. Your optometrist will then be able to check for early signs of eye conditions which could be treated at the early stage whilst a child's eye is developing.

Why does the optometrist look inside my eyes?

The physical elements within the eye such as the cornea, lens and retina need to be examined to ensure they are healthy. Early signs of cataract, glaucoma and other eyeconditions can be spotted and treated this way. Eye drops are sometimes used to enlarge the pupil of the eye which helps provide the optimum view inside the eye.