Contact lenses packages

How it works

1. Visit us for an eye test

2. Contact lens assessment

3. Trial lens

4. Decide payment option - monthly or pay as you go



  • Free Contact Lens Assessment(normally £35)
  • Includes standard supply of solution
  • 50 % off any pair of prescription spectacles after 6 months on the scheme
  • Free Contact Lens Aftercare (normally £25)
  • Free Any lost or torn lenses replaced
  • Free postage of 3 monthly supply within UK
  • Free Annual Eye Examination

How it works

  • 1.Join Scheme
  • 2.Pay three months
  • 3.You are supplied with three months contact lens
  • 4.Complete standing order mandate
  • 5.Next supply due after you have paid 3 Standing Order payments
  • 6.Direct Shipment of your lenses to store or your home

Pay as you go


  • No direct debit payments
  • Order your lenses only when you need them

Additional costs

  • Contact lens Assessment £35
  • Contact Lens Aftercare £25
  • Any Lost or torn lenses will be charged

How it works

  • 1.Join PAYG scheme
  • 2.Order and pay for three months contact lens supply.
  • 3.When contact lenses arrive we will inform you and you can collect from store.
  • 4.When you need your next supply, simply call us and pay for your next 3 months contact lens order
  • 5.Direct Shipment of your lenses to store