More for our children

As a parent, you need to remember that your child’s visual development affects development and growth in other areas. With such importance on children’s eye care, we are experienced in the testing of children and understand the issues surrounding a child who first requires glasses or contact lenses.

Regular Free Eye Tests

Regular eye tests are important for children’s eye care; the good news is that for children under the age of 16 or under 19 and in full time education it is absolutely a free eye test¬†through the NHS.

Choosing the right frame

Choosing the right frame for your child is even more important than adults because your child is undergoing a period of rapid growth and a frame that does not fit properly can create more damage to the vision. We have a wide choice in stock. Call us for advice.

Protection from UV rays

Children’s eyes are especially at risk from UV rays so we stock a range of sunglasses that block 100% of both UVA and UVB rays. We have 100’s of different styles to choose from including children’s designer frames and sunglasses.

Visual Stress

Research has shown that around 20% of children suffer from varying degrees of visual stress. Visual stress is a disturbance in the link between the back of the eye and the brain and is common after reading for long periods of time. Visual stress is often more common in children with specific learning difficulties.

If your child avoids reading, finds it difficult to follow text along a line or finds words look blurred or jump around the page, then you should contact us on 01604 624 723 for further advice.

Specifically coloured overlays or tinted lenses can help with the symptoms of visual stress and improve the attention whilst reading.